Do you know this fabric type?

We need to get our couches redone…. but I don’t know how to ask for this type of fabric.

Attached is a close up picture of the back of the couch where the fabric has not faded.
This fabric on the couch is very soft and fluffy. It almost feels like soft carpet.

What type of fabric is this? Where can I find it?

Thank you very much for your time.
James.shag fabricFabric Information

By: James Wahl

One Response to “Do you know this fabric type?”

  1. Kirsten Longly says:

    Dear James,
    This is a chenille type fabric. Your best bet for finding the same thing is to go back to the the furniture store you got it from and ask if they have fabric samples available and hunt through them to find the same thing, write down the info and then go to your upholsterer and tell them what it is and you want the same thing. They will most likely have the ability to get the exact same thing or something very, very close. Take your pictures, that will help. Also many upholstery places have hundreds of samples of the latest and greatest. This looks to be something that is still pretty current so you shouldn’t have a problem hunting it down.
    Hope that helps.