Do you know the type or name of material needed?

I have been asked to make a adult sized replica of the robe wore by Bilbo Baggins in the newly released movie “The Hobbit,” The robe looks like it was made from patch work pieces just like a quilt top. Is this type of fabric actually manufactured anywhere that you know of? And if so could you please tell me its name and where I might find some. I am really hoping someone manufactures this type of fabric, if not I am not looking forward to having to actually quilt all the pieces together myself to make enought of the “quilt top” yardage to begin the orignial project. That would turn my “little favor project” into a “what the heck did I get suckered into doing project” I have never seen this type of fabric anywhere that I have shopped for fabric before but then I have never looked for anything like it before. I would appreciate any information you might be able to share with me. Thanks,


By: joy miller

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  1. Judith says:

    Hi Joy,

    Try submitting a FabricFinder request at http://info.fabrics.net/post-a-fabricfinder-request/ and the stores and sources will contact you if they have this fabric.

    With the number of fabrics on the market at any one time, I don’t keep track of the thousands that are available. However, the FabricFinder and the people who help you find fabric are usually very well informed and helpful.

    Thank you!

  2. Kirsten says:

    Sorry Joy,
    That cloak is gonna be one of your – what the heck did I get myself into – projects. I can assure you that cloak was made by individualy quilted pieces and made in duplicate for purposes of the movie. You might be able to find an old brown quilt and age it by burying it for a few weeks in muddy ground then laundering it. That would be the costumers way. Or dying it. And all that material in the cloak is going to be linens and rough spun cotton and wool. Those materials would give it presence on camera. I wouldd go to the good will and get something that is really close and dye it. Have fun, costuming trickery can be a blast.