Dress Windows with Voile Fabric

How to design your windows with voile fabric

  1. Measure your windows, and decide on the length of window dressing you want. When deciding on the length, you can opt to choose the length that ends just below the frame.
  2. Play with colors. You can visit a fabric store or check online for voile fabric swatches. Take note of the color and the texture that you want.
  3. A slim pewter rod with be ideal as hardware for your delicate voile fabric.
  4. Sew hems on the top, bottom and sides of your voile fabric if you’re not using ready made ones. Make sure there is enough room in the top hem for your curtain rod.
  5. Combine voile with heavier drapes, if you’d like. Use two sets of rods and hardware, with the voile on the inside nearest the window, and the heavier drapes on the outside. This allows you to draw your drapes back and leave them that way for most of the day, even into the early evening, since the voile lets in light but does provide some privacy.
  6. Mix the colors and textures. Choose from a wide variety of voile fabrics online.

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