Dresses Made Of Microfiber

Dear Jennifer
I have read all your helpful comments on this subject and note that the usual answer to my question is no – but I have a bridesmaid dress in a shade of olive green that I would like to dye black. I don’t have much to lose by trying as I will never wear it otherwise and I am willing to pay a professional to do this. I also have a large sample of the fabric that could be used to check whether the fabric will take to the dye or not. My problem is I do not know what the fabric is – the dressmaker told me it was “microfiber”. It has a satin sheen on one side and is matt on the other. I honestly do not know if that is a natural fiber (I suspect not) or some kind of polyester/acetate?
If you are able to help or offer any suggestions I would be very grateful! Many thanks.
Kind regards

Dear Jacqui,
Probably the answer is still no, but contact Sherry at www.fabricdyeing.com and see what she says.

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