Dry Clean Only Wool

I have been told that my daughters band uniform is made from wool and is dry clean only. My daughter is asthmatic and I do not want to expose her to the chemicals used in dry cleaning. Do you have any suggestions for cleaning or even just refreshing the uniform. I have already heard of Dryel and have tried misting the uniform with Fabreeze. Is there any home remedy for this, such as a wet towel in the dryer on tumble only or using cold water and Woolite to wash and then drip dry? It has no stains at this time and just gets smelly from being in a garment bag and perspiration. thanks Holly

Dear Holly: I feel for you. We’re going to open this question out to our readers. We don’t have an easy answer. I’m sure one of our readers must have the same situation in their homes too. Good Luck, Andy

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