Dry Cleaning Chenille Tunics

Hello Andy,
I shrunk two of my chenille tunics by washing them when I should have dry cleaned them. I read the replies on your website about this problem but I just could not throw them out!!! Well, since I have been hairdressing since the 80’s, I decided to break out the blow-dryer and try “straightening” the tunics as I would curly hair and guess what, it worked!!!! It took a while to dry them but I ran the blow-dryer on high heat, with a concentrator nozzle, and followed the sweater lengthwise while they hung on hanger. My tunics returned to normal length. I am quite pleased with the results. I had nothing to lose by trying this method. I would like to hear feedback from others if they have tried this method.
Barbara M.

Barbara: Thanks for sharing your positive results with our readers.
Good Luck,

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