Dye Bleeding Or Transferring Onto Other Materials

Hello Jennifer,
What a relief it is to find an advice column. I am in a bind. I bought a corduroy bodice (reversible blue/burgundy) at a Renfest vendor. It looked nice and seemed like a good place to start for my costume. The problem is that the burgundy dye-transfers onto my chemise in a matter of minutes, no matter which color is facing out (if the burgundy is face out, it still transfers around the sleeve openings). I tried contacting the vendor for advice (they blew me off), I tried washing it (didn’t even slow the transfer-rate), and tried washing it in vinegar (still no luck). Is there any product that you can recommend to make it color-fast? I am even open to trying dye-removal. Can you suggest anything to keep this bodice out of the scrap bag? I was wearing it when my fiancĂ© proposed, so I feel sentimental about it.

Dear Heidi,
You are in luck. There is a product that should take care of it. Go to www.dharmatrading.com and look for Retayne. This is for commercially dyed fabric that is not colorfast. I have used it myself with good results. You will need to treat the bodice in the washer on hot water. Use the gentle cycle if you are concerned about too much agitation. Follow the instructions on the bottle.
Renfest is fun, huh? Great gathering for costumes and generally dressing over-the-top. Good luck,

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