Dye House In Austin

Dear Jennifer,
While looking for a dyehouse in Austin, I came upon your column in Fabrics.net. Since you are based in Austin, I wondered if you know of anyone in the Austin area who does large scale dyeing? I guess it is not a huge batch, but we have sofa slipcovers that we need to have dyed in one batch.
Thanks, Casey

Hi Casey,
I don’t know any such place in Austin. A good resource is Sherry at www.fabricdyeing.com. She works with people from all over the country on stuff like this. You will need to send the covers to her, but it will be much easier to do that than to experiment with it yourself!

2 Responses to “Dye House In Austin”

  1. Christina Jauregui says:

    I have a very expensive pants from Hugo Boss that got a spot in the knee part. So I want it to have dye so it looks black totally black.
    My phone number 512-298-7575
    Many thanks,

  2. DizzyLettuce says:

    Consult with Sherry at http://www.fabricdyeing.com. She is in Oregon & is one of the few places that will take on a job like this.