Dye Onto Crushed Velvet

Hi There! I Think I need your help. I have built a poker table based around Ferrari. It has Ferrari badges and patches on it and painted parts of it with Ferrari colors. I am now doing the playing surface which is the last and most crucial part. I have some red crushed velvet for the job, I would like to have in the middle of the fabric the “prancing horse” in black. Is there any way I can dye a black horse onto red crushed velvet? Your comments will be greatly appreciated, thank you!!! Adam.

Dear Adam,
what a project! it sounds marvelous. Dharma Trading Co has loads of fabric paints and dyes of all kinds. Get a copy of their paper catalog and study it carefully. You can even call them to see what they suggest. www.dharmatrading.com You may end up to be quite a fabric artist! best,

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