Dye Without Shrinkage and Weather resistant Material

Diz: Two questions:
1. I have a metal porch swing (which I love) that is structurally sound however the canopy and seat pad are bleached out. Can I dye this material without causing shrinkage? If so how to do? 2. I have a metal arbor with a seat and I need a cushion for it however I cannot find anything that is 58″ wide. What type of weather resistant material can I look for? I will take the cushion in during winter and it will only receive light sprinkles from the hose during summer. Much obliged for your time. Hawk

Hi Hawk,
1. Get new canopy and cushion cover. Have these made at an upholsterer’s establishment if they are not standard size.
2. Outdoor fabric is generally 58-60″ wide. You can find it at your local fabric store, or else go to a full-service furniture and design store and ask to look at their outdoor fabric books. They can order the fabric for you.
3. If you want plain cotton duck, you can get it at www.dharmatrading.com.
have fun!

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