Dyeing 100% Cotton Duvet Cover


I have a 100% cotton purple duvet cover (with 2 matching pillow cases) which I would like to dye a deep/dark purple color. (not plum- more of a cool dark purple)
How should I go about doing this?
I purchased 2 bottles of RIT PURPLE liquid dye and 1 bottle of RIT Black liquid
dye. I will not be removing the current purple color.

Hi Vilija,
Your duvet and shams can be dyed darker purple, and you can do it yourself if you can get it in your washer with some room to spare. I don’t think Rit is going to get you the dark color you want, although you could try it. I suggest the reactive dyes available at www.dharmatrading.com. Get 2 oz each of dark purple and of black 250. Start with most of the purple and a tablespoon or so of the black. Read all dyeing instructions carefully on the Dharma webpage! You will also need soda ash, ordinary table salt, and Synthrapol. If you don’t want to try it yourself, you can send it to Sherry at www.fabricdyeing.com.

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