Dyeing A Backpack

Dear Jennifer,
I have a question about trying to dye a backpack. I bought this North Face backpack on eBay for a good deal, now I know why. The backpack was faded. It was supposed to be a dark blue purple and now it is just purple. I am a man who has never dyed anything before, but I thought it would be worth it to buy some dye and give it a shot. How do I dye it so that the label (which is in white) will not be blue dyed as well? And, do I just follow any directions on the package, put everything into a large pot to dye, try the washing machine (but will that wreak the washing machine)…Any information would be great…

Dear Clifton,
Sorry, you can’t dye the backpack. Nylon CORDURA®® is dyed and sealed at the factory. Either carry it like it is, decorate it with patches, or start over.

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