Dyeing A Bridesmaid Dress

I had a bridesmaid dress made and it is a mocha brown color. The fabric is Peau de Soie. I am in another wedding and am wondering if I could dye the brown dress black. If so, do you have any suggestions of where I could take it or how I would dye it?

Dear Ashlea,
My friend Linda Carter, a fabulous bridal designer and sewing teacher, says this about fabric: “Fabric has a first name and a last name. Its first name is the weave. Its last name is the fiber content.” Peau de soie is the weave, and the dyeing question really depends on the fiber content. If your dress is silk or rayon, it’s conceivable that it could be dyed. If it is polyester or acetate Peau de soie, no dice. Since you had it made, you can inquire of the seamstress, she will know the fiber content.
Keep in mind, that even if the fabric can be dyed, the thread and zipper will not take the dye and will remain the original color. Ditto for any trim or embellishment. Some lace is rayon, which will dye, but could come out a contrasting color to the silk.
So the answer is probably no, but once you find out all the other necessary info, you could consult with Sherry at www.fabricdyeing.com to see if she is willing to take it on.

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