Dyeing A Denim Couch

Hey there,
A question from a fellow Austinite…
I have a denim couch that spent the 1st few years of its life close to a window facing south. If the whole thing had faded, I would be fine with it. Unfortunately it was only about 1/3 faded. Any way after a few years of trying to cover the fade with pillows and throws, I dyed the darn thing last night.
I used Denim Blue RIT dye (probably a mistake), but I awoke this morning to what appears to be a brand new (dark blue) sofa… It looks great!! My question is how can I seal it? Will ‘Scotch guard’ work? I don’t want guests dressed in white to leave my house blue… Or did I mess up so bad that I should just drag the couch outside and ignite it?
Thanks a ton,

denim couch

Dear Chuck,
So, tell me, did you pour liquid Rit right on the faded part of your denim couch? I am glad that it came out as well as it did, at least in appearance!
My first experiment here would be to rub a cotton ball in various parts of the dyed area to see if the dye will come off. If so, and my guess is that it will, you have an area that you cannot sit on wearing white pants. In general, dye that is designed for water immersion must be rinsed repeatedly to remove the excess. I don’t know how you are going to adequately rinse at this point. Scotch guard or anything short of those clear plastic things on the furniture that we experienced as kids will not prevent the dye rub-off (called crocking).
Another problem is that the sun faded fabric is weakened and is not destined for a long life. Do not set the sofa on fire. Have it recovered ASAP.

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3 Responses to “Dyeing A Denim Couch”

  1. er Robin says:

    what is the best product to dye faded denim couch and chair covers– can I buy i USA and get instructions

    thank you

  2. Jennifer Miller says:

    Check all the fabric dyeing supplies at http://www.dharmatrading.com. Have fun!!

    • Jennifer Miller says:

      You must be able to remove the sofa cover & the cushion covers in order to dye this. Keep in mind that sun-faded fabric is weakened, & may not be worth saving.