Dyeing A Dress

I recently bought a really nice white dress with a lot of detailing on it, but I would like to dye it a different color, please could you tell me where I could have this professionally done ASAP? As I don’t want to ruin it by doing it myself……….HELP
Thank you; look forward to hearing from you,

Dear Natalie,
There are two places that will dye a single garment. Check out www.fabricdyeing.com. The results will depend on what the dress is made of (polyester, acrylic, or acetate will not dye well) and what you mean by “detailing.” If the detailing is stitching in polyester thread, it probably will not take the dye or it will take at a different shade from the rest of the dress. If you are open to experimentation, you could have fun here.
all the best,

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