Dyeing A Dress White To Silver

I want to dye a beautiful white (with Silver) brocade dress a silver grey color. Can it be done?

Dear Connie,
Dyeing brocade is one of my favorite things. It is usually rayon or silk/rayon and takes the dye beautifully and interestingly. Your dress can be dyed if it is not too structured or embellished and can withstand the agitation of the water-based dyeing process.
However, in my experience, getting the silver that you want is the more difficult part. I would suggest that you get a pearl gray and also some charcoal in the reactive dyes (at www.dharmatrading.com). After reading about how to work with the reactive dyes, start with a test swatch. Try an inconspicuous place like a hem or facing if you don’t have extra fabric. Mix up a bit of dye in warm water and dip in your test area to see what happens. If you like the effect, you can continue with either bucket or machine dyeing. Start with the pearl gray and add charcoal a little at a time.
Please remember that dyeing is an art and always, even in my case, an experiment. If you don’t want to take this on yourself, contact Sherry at www.fabricdyeing.com. She will be able to advise you further.
good luck,

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