Dyeing a Dress

I love your name, Dizzy Lettuce. My neighbor gave me a beautiful dress for watching her cats. Hope she goes away more often.(:- ) The color is not me. I am winter coloring, if you ever read, ” color me beautiful” Dark hair, look good in black, deep purples, real reds, white, pastels. You have the picture. The dress is a light brownish-yellow. Light enough to dye. Makes me look pale and does not go with my color palette or make up. OK what do I do? I know there are dyes for rayon , whet colors will overcome the color? and blend with it? is black the safest? If you will give me the colors to cover up the yucky, muddy color, what to use, where to get it, I will be grateful forever. Leila

Dear Leila,
You can dye this using the reactive dyes from www.dharmatrading.com. Look over the colors carefully, keeping in mind that you will be combining with the current color of the dress. If you have a muddy color, you will still have a muddy color in the end. It’s hard to get true black at home. Another option is to send it to be dyed black at www.fabricdyeing.com. Both of these dye houses will dye single garments black.


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