Dyeing A Nylon Duvet Cover

A few years ago, I dyed a nylon slip using tea bags and it worked beautifully. Now I have a bigger project–dyeing a duvet cover. Is it possible to dye a king-size duvet cover with tea bags? If so, what other substances do I need to add to it to preserve the color? If this is not possible, what dye do you recommend for this purpose? The duvet cover is 100% cotton. The color that I am looking for is a light “taupe”. Thank you. Cynthia

Dear Cynthia,
I don’t have much experience with tea dyeing on large projects such as your duvet. You could try it. Do a quick search for tea dyeing at www.askjeeves.com. There are some good resources there for large projects and dyeing in the washer with tea bags.
If I were you I would do it with the reactive dyes available at www.dharmatrading.com. They are simple to use, very permanent and require a minimum of chemicals. You can mix the exact color that you want. Remember, tea will dye a basic brown color, which may not be the shade of taupe that you want. Strictly speaking, taupe is purplish-brown or even reddish-brown.
I really appreciate knowing about tea dyeing and nylon. I have been wondering about what dyes work for nylon. Dharma sells one that is for nylon, but I haven’t tried it.
My duvet cover came out great, moving from ivory to tomato. All in the washer.
Have fun,

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