Dyeing A Nylon/Spandex Bathing Suit

bathHi Jennifer,
I need to know if it’s possible to dye a 80/20 nylon/spandex bathing suit. It’s a light tan color and I want to go darker. If so, which products are best and will they be colorfast (at least somewhat) after being in the sun and swimming pool?
Thanks in advance!

Dear Alicia,
You have caught me at the moment when I am just getting into dyeing nylon. Nylon can be dyed with the acid dyes available at www.dharmatrading.com. They are super-easy to use and require only white vinegar. Caveat: the acid dyes require HOT water which may damage or weaken the spandex in your swimsuit. However, if you are willing to experiment, you could try it. You can easily do the dyeing in your washing machine with no muss or fuss. The color develops after you put in the vinegar.
have fun!

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  1. Jess says:

    I have a dress that is 100% Nylon lace and 100% polyester lining, it is a light ivory and I would like to dye it (or at least the lace) a nice peach.
    Thanks Jess