Dyeing A Petticoat

coatHi there Jennifer! I stumbled upon your website while trying to find information about dyeing a petticoat. I am trying to find a pink bridal petticoat to wear under my wedding dress – but can’t find anyone anywhere that makes a pink wedding petticoat!
Thus, I had the thought to try and dye a white one to pink. Do you have any advice or thoughts on how I should do this, where I should start- can it even be done?
Thanks so much!

Unfortunately it would be quite a big project to dye a tulle petticoat and it would have to be all nylon, no polyester at all.
My suggestion is to get some pink tulle here at fabrics.net and have a dressmaker make the petticoat of your dreams.
You could also search at eBay. I’ve done a search recently for vintage crinoline and turned up marvelously colored petticoats. I don’t know if any would be suitable for your bridal ensemble, but you could check!
I’ve been looking for the perfect vintage petticoat to show off with my vintage 50s skirts. Finally found one at a garage sale!
have a blessed wedding!

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