Dyeing A Pool Table

Hello, I have a basement that I am redecorating for my Kids (3 boys) in a Star Wars Motif . . . The room has everything a kid could want, Air Hockey, Darts, a Video Arcade Cabinet that holds PS1 and N64 and a Pool table . . . The Color Scheme is black and red, yet the felt on the Pool Table is Green (not dark hunter) . . . I’d like to dye it either red or black but would like to avoid taking apart the table, so is there a way to dye the felt as it remains on the table?
Could I spray via a water bottle a dye to achieve my end goal? if so, what type of dye and such?
Thanx and many more thanx

First I would start by calling the manufacturer of the pool table. My friend recently moved her pool table and told me about the professional movers and rebalancing that it required. These things are delicate and it appears to me that you would not want to mess with it. Next matter is the fiber content of the felt, which is most probably acrylic. If so, our question is answered right there, because acrylic cannot be dyed. On top of that, it’s hard to over dye that bright green to any other color. I think you are stuck. Either work in the green as an accent color or have the table recovered by the experts.

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