Dyeing a Quilt

quiltHi, I recently purchased a toile quilt (king size) and sheets. The toile print is black and the background is white… too white for the bedroom decor. I would like to soften them (and even “age” them a bit) by dyeing them to an ivory or off-white tone. I’m struggling with what the best method would be to do this especially given the size of the sheets and quilt. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks, Kim

Hi Kim,
If you can fit them one at a time in your washer, you can move them toward ivory using the reactive dyes from www.dharmatrading.com. The most important thing making the whole project feasible is the fiber content of your sheets and comforter! If you can’t fit the comforter in your washer (and its top fabric is all cotton), then you can have Sherry do it at www.fabricdyeing.com. Please read my article on Fabric Dyeing 101 (link at the top of my column on fabrics.net) for basic info.
The Dharma website and catalog have loads of information too. Start with a small amount of ivory or ecru dye – like 1-2 teaspoons per washer load.
good luck,


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