Dyeing A Sunflower Yellow Color

I have 100% cotton white curtains in my kitchen that I would love to dye a sunflower yellow. I have never done this before and am not sure how to go about it or what is the best dye to purchase in order to get the type of vibrant yellow I want.

Dear Rebbecca,
You have a good chance to dye your curtains with pleasing results. Visit www.dharmatrading.com and read up on the use of the reactive dyes. You will need the dye color of your choice, ordinary table salt, soda ash (the latter is available from dharma or from your local pool supply). If you want the curtains to be a solid color, I would suggest dyeing them in your washing machine. Use warm water and a smaller load – either the small or medium water level. Keep in mind that if the curtains are sewn with polyester thread (which they doubtless are) or if they have trim or lace of any kind, the thread and trim will not take the dye. This means the thread will remain white when your curtains are yellow.
You can get some cotton muslin to experiment on if you want. This will enable you to see approximately how the color will come out before you start on your curtains.
Have fun!

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