Dyeing a Teddy Bear

I have an old 3 inch mohair teddy bear whose white mohair has turned dark from age and dirt. It can’t be washed in a machine, but it can be spot washed. I know I mustn’t use bleach on it, so I’m wondering if Rit liquid white dye might work. Since most of what I’ve read for using the Rit dye is on clothing and textiles I’m wondering if it will also work on the bear. Of course I would apply it carefully. I’m willing to take some risks on this little bear. It’s not a valuable antique. I’d be grateful for any advice on how to whiten it a bit. THANKS!

Dear Grace,
I would experiment with OxiClean®, or an foaming upholstery cleaner and a toothbrush before anything else. What you want to remove is years of dust and grease that traps dust, rather than changing the color of the fibers.
good luck,

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