Dyeing Bridesmaid Dresses

dressHELP! I ordered 5 bridesmaid dresses in aubergine, and they look magenta. Is there anything I can do to dye them another color? I don’t want black, what other color option is there? Navy? Olive Green? Darker aubergine? What is the best way to dye them? Will it ruin them? They look like a matte satin but the tag says 100% polyester. I am desperate because I absolutely hate the color they are now. If you could, please reply by email as I am not sure I will have access to your site again. If you can help I would truly appreciate it.
Thank you in advance,

Dear Bethany,
I am sorry, there is nothing you can do with the extant dresses. You cannot dye polyester. If I were you, I would take them to a tailor or seamstress and find out if anything can be done to modify and mitigate the color – like an overskirt of a darker transparent color. If this is not possible, you must accept them as-is, or else start over.
Sorry and happy wedding nonetheless,

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