Dyeing Brussels Lace possible?

Is it possible to dye Brussels lace? It is baby blue and I want to dye it cobalt blue to use as an overlay on a formal dress.

By: Debbie Alderton

2 Responses to “Dyeing Brussels Lace possible?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    It depends if it is entirely made of cotton or not. Most laces these days are a combination of cotton and polyester. If so then you will need to use Poly or nylon dye.

  2. Dizzylettuce says:

    You can get the appropriate dye at Joann or at http://www.dharmatrading.com. Read all instructions carefully. IF the lace is all nylon, you can use the acid dyes available at Dharma, & you will have spectacular results. IF it is all or part polyester, you will need the Idye from Dharma (some colors available at JoAnn). Good luck!