Dyeing Canvas Portfolio

I have a Black Duluth pack portfolio with brown leather trim. The canvas has faded to a grey and I want to dye it black. DO you know of a dye (like a shoe polish liquid w/ sponge) that would work on something like this? I have some black canvas chairs that I dyed many years ago and it was just for canvas, looked like a plastic bottle with a sponge on the end that you might dye tennis shoes with. Hey would canvas tennis shoe dye work? I love this portfolio and hate to spend $150 to get another. I contacted the company and of course they didn’t know of anything. All they want to do is to sell you a new one Snowbound in N.Wisconsin Jody

Hi Jody,
well, it all depends on the fiber content of the canvas. Polyester or synthetic canvas cannot be dyed. If it’s cotton, you could try the tennis shoe dye. You must be willing to experiment here – it’s not possible to know in advance how it will come out. I am not familiar with this product, so let me know how it works!

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