Dyeing Chenille

I would like dye chenille. Can you recommend a good dye for this? The original color is mid grey and I would like to dye it black.

Dear Mimi,
Most currently available chenille is acrylic, which is very difficult to dye. Of course, they dye this fiber at the factory, but it takes very toxic chemicals and carefully controlled temperatures. Pro Chemical and Dye does carry a dye that is for acrylic, PROsperse Disperse Dye, but their disclaimer says that it will take only in light pastel shades on acrylic. You can check out their info at www.prochemical.com.
If by chance your piece is cotton or rayon chenille, it can be dyed using the reactive dyes. These are available at both at Pro Chemical and at www.dharmatrading.com. One caveat: solid dark black is a very difficult color to obtain. You will get a darker gray, or, if your piece is rayon, a dark purplish color.
Have fun and good luck!

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