Dyeing Columnist

Dear Friends,

I have received a number of questions lately about dyeing upholstered furniture, and I have to tell you all that this is not a good option unless you really want to make a big science experiment. Fabric dye is a water-based process which must be rinsed repeatedly; else you will have dye rubbing off on the clothes and skin of everyone who sits on the furniture. You can try spray-on fabric paint on a smaller project, such as chair cushions, if you really want to. This stuff is available at crafts stores in the fabric paint/t-shirt embellishment department. Follow directions carefully.
I know, I know, I saw them spray paint that chair on Trading Spaces too. As far as I can determine, the chair was vinyl or Naugahyde and took some kind of paint from an industrial sprayer. I have not been able to find any details on this process. If anyone knows the specifics on what they did on the show, please let me know!! (Also, remember, the chair’s owner was not particularly pleased with the result.)
It is much, much easier and overall more satisfactory to recover your existing furniture, to make slipcovers, or to get new pieces than to take on a fabric color change project. Save dyeing for t-shirts, tablecloths, sheets, towels, sewing fabric, etc.

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