Dyeing Cotton Interlock Shirts

Dear Jennifer, Is it possible to dye cotton interlock successfully? I like to make my own interlock shirts, but have trouble finding colors I like. I can find white and ivory. Could this be dyed and would the color hold? I appreciate any information you could give me. Thanks

Dear Jenny,
Yes, you can dye 100% cotton interlock. Get a catalog from www.dharmatrading.com and read about dyeing cotton. They also sell cotton interlock there, at a very reasonable price, and it is “prepared for dyeing” – without coatings or any other treatment that would interfere with the dye. In my experience vat dyeing in the washer produces a much more even application of dye than bucket dyeing, but you could try both and see what you like. Another good resource is www.prochemical.com. Check out both these sites. Have fun and write back if you have questions!!

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