Dyeing From a Darker Color To a Lighter Color

Hello Jennifer.
Just found your site and read thru the stuff about dyeing fabrics but my answer wasn’t there.
I have some old antique satin toppers that I was thinking of reusing. They are presently a dark ivory color. What product would I use to dye them some kind of medium blue? Do you think they would dye well? They are supposed to be dry clean only, but I washed them with no problems. No fabric content listed, but they are quite nubby and the backing looks satiny.
Thanks a lot for your input.

Hi Sandy,
it really all depends on the fabric content. If they are mostly or all natural fiber, you can dye them. If you are willing to experiment, you could try it. Get a copy of the catalog from www.dharmatrading.com and study the instructions on the reactive dyes. You will need soda ash and ordinary table salt, in addition to the dye. Re-read my article for other details and caveats.
have fun,

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