Dyeing Fur Slippers

We are trying to dye a light blue pair of kid’s fur slippers (kind that are like animals) for my grandson to go with his Halloween costume. We want them to be green. My daughter bought yellow dye and followed the instructions and they looked green until we washed them and now they are back to little blue. Any suggestions on how to or if they can be dyed? Thanks

1. Try fabric paint. Look over all the kinds available at Michael’s. If you don’t find anything, check out the catalog at www.dharmatrading.com.
2. This kind of synthetic fur can’t really be dyed, it can only be “painted” over. You won’t get an exact color change, but you can at least get the green that will suffice for Halloween.
3. You could also try Simply Spray. www.simplyspray.com. This could possibly work. happy Halloween!

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