Dyeing Half Your Dress Pink

I am currently searching for the perfect wedding dress. I really would like a dress like Gwen Stefani but I needed to know if I could have someone dye a wedding dress for me. I want the bottom to be dark pink just like her dress. Please let me know if this is possible. Thanks,

Dear Tifanie,
Gwen’s dress is beautiful, you are right. Here is the deal. You cannot dye a synthetic wedding dress at all, one made of acetate or polyester, which is what most are. The fabric would have to be silk for it to work. The best plan would be to take a photo of the dress to the most expert wedding dress seamstress in your town. See if she can replicate it for you. Make sure that you inquire about her dyeing experience before you start. Yes, it might cost a bunch, but hopefully it will be what you want. I hope you have a few months before the wedding because this is going to be a big project. If you are anywhere near me in central Texas, I would recommend Linda Carter at Carter Creations. She knows fabrics, design, and dyeing, and might be willing to take this on. Let me know if that could work and I will send you her contact info.
Happy Wedding,

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