Dyeing Hemp With Clay

Hi Jennifer,
I just purchased some unbleached hemp muslin that that is ready for dyeing. I want to use something natural that will not run or fade over night. I have seen clothing dyed with clay but can not find any information. Any ideas?
Melissa : )

Dear Melissa,
Looking over my previous columns, you will see that I send people to www.dharmatrading.com for dyeing supplies of all kinds. They also have the natural dyes. Some are less toxic, some are not. I personally swear by the reactive dyes for their vividness, depth, colorfastness, ease, and low toxicity. I have not used any of the natural dyes.
You may also find some useful information at www.prochemical.com. They have a natural indigo dyeing kit which I sent for. I haven’t used it yet, because the instructions are so long and complicated, especially compared to the ease of use of the reactive dyes.
If you want to know more about the natural dyes, I suggest that you look at the books they carry at Dharma, or check out sources in the library.
have fun,

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