Dyeing Light and Dark Colors

Hi. I stumbled across this site and was hoping you could help. I’m a youth minister, and I have heard of someone doing a little object lesson, but don’t know how to pull it off. The object lesson is taking a white piece of fabric, dipping it in some kind of black/blue dye or other dark liquid, and then they dip it back in a clear liquid which turns the fabric right back to the original white color. (In case you’re wondering, the spiritual significance is talking about a person being pure – white fabric – but then letting themselves get dirtied up with sin – dark dye – and then turning to God to become clean again). Let me know if you have heard of this or if you know what materials/liquids/dyes I could use to do this. Thanks!

Dear Chris,
I’m not familiar with anything that will behave as you describe. If you want you can call Dharma Trading and see what they say. They have all kinds of chemicals and tools and might have something. www.dharmatrading.com. have fun with kids,

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