Dyeing Nylon/Lace

I have a lovely ivory lace nylon top that I haven’t worn because it is too close to my redhead coloring. I would love to dye it cocoa brown color but am unsure if I can use fabric dye on light weight, 100% nylon, lace. Can you give me some advice? Thanks, Cynthia

This can be dyed using the acid dyes available at www.dharmatrading.com. Please read all their instructions as well as my comments on Fabric Dyeing 101 Acid dyes are easy to work with, but require very hot water, either in the washer or on the stove. I am fond of buying those nylon lace tops at thrift stores and dyeing them various unexpected colors. have fun!!

One Response to “Dyeing Nylon/Lace”

  1. I have been working a lot with the acid dyes recently, and have found that water poured through an old coffee maker is the perfect temperature. You will need to prepare a lot of hot water (a big potful) stir slowly to get a consistent color.

    Get your top wet; add to a pot of hot water with acid dye; then add about 1/2 cup vinegar. Stir for a about five minutes. All the dye should “strike” onto the fabric. Mix more dye separately with hot water and add it to your dye bath if you want a darker color.
    have fun!!