Dyeing Orange Fabric Grey Or Brown

I have a bolt of orange wool that I bought a some costumes and didn’t use. I would like to dye it either charcoal gray and a golden brown. How to a remove the color so I can over dye it

Dear Susi,
This is going to be tough. But, if you are in the mood for a big experiment, you could try it. Wool can by dyed, but it requires very hot water and is usually done on the stove in a big vat. You can probably bet on shrinkage, felting, and generally changing the texture of the fabric. I am not sure about color removal, which is called “discharging,” on wool. It’s possible that you could over dye the existing orange with a gold or brown in order to get the golden brown you propose. Okay, I suggest that you contact www.dharmatrading.com and ask for their opinion. They sell all the chemicals and dye for discharging and for dyeing wool.
good luck,

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