Dyeing Out Stains

Hi Jennifer,
Found your info very enlightening on Fabrics.net. I would love your expertise. I have a Vera Wang bridesmaid dress out of 100% acetate Taffeta. It was a great wedding and the dress is covered in Beer stains that the dry cleaner did not get out. I would love to try washing at home to see what I can get out. Any suggestions there. If it doesn’t work, I will shoot for Dyeing it and see how that works. I read your Q and A and found a website for dyeing it thanks. It is a great color, a nice light gold, but am scared to pursue further damage without consult a professional. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

Dear Kristen,
Acetate is quite unstable and can’t be washed. Believe me, I have tried. The color will run out and down the drain. It can’t be dyed either. You are stuck. At least it was a fun wedding!! Best,

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