Dyeing Out Stains On Your Couch

Hi Jennifer….HELP!
I have two wonderful suede and cane chairs that are a medium brown (dirty and stained) and I would dearly love to dye them to black. Do I have a chance at this or am I barking up the wrong tree??? It is way too expensive to have them professionally upholstered and I was hoping I might just be able to dye them. What do you think????
Will greatly appreciate your help. Many thanks.

Dear Lynne,
Are they really suede or are they ultrasuede? If they are real leather, you have a chance to dye them using leather dye. Go to the biggest, most reputable leather repair place in your city and talk to them about it. If they are ultrasuede, you cannot dye them. If the seat is the only upholstered part, you can redo them yourself rather simply. If they have vast expanses of leather to dye, and the stains are of all kinds (like grease, oil, food, etc.) then the dye will probably come out unevenly. Depending on the chairs themselves, you may have a really big project here. If I were you I would save up to have them redone.
good luck,

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