Dyeing Over Stains On A Cashmere Sweater

Dear Jennifer,
I have a gorgeous pastel pink cashmere cardigan with gold buttons that had two stains on the front. Did not know what the stains were as it had been my mother’s sweater. So I tried to wash out the stains only to make it worse. I just bought a box of Rit rose pink dye and am about the try it. It’s not exactly the pastel pink color of the sweater but at this point what do I have to lose. Any advice before the sweater takes the plunge?

Dear Dolores,
I really don’t know what will happen using Rit dye. There are dyes for wool and cashmere that generally require hot water – even on top of the stove application. In general, stained spots will take the dye differently from the rest of the garment, so you may not have an even result. But if you have nothing to lose you may as well try it!
good luck,

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