Dyeing Peach Dress Pink

Dear Jennifer,
My daughter has been asked to be a bridesmaid in a relative’s wedding several states away. The trouble is, the bride has requested that all her bridesmaids wear any “plain, pink long dress without trim or flowers.” A long search for such a dress yielded one plain PEACH long dress. So close!! (Especially close since the bride says “oh any pink will be fine,” and I can’t tell you how many different pinks there are! Well, we all know that the bride should have what she wants….)
The dress is a Ralph Lauren silk, a very light color peach, the shell is 100% silk, the lining 100% acetate. I’m not sure what the stitching thread is. Is there any way to dye this dress some rosy pink? If so, how can it be done and who should attempt it?
Thank you!

Dear Amy,
Did you search on eBay? That is definitely the place to find all sorts of obscure things!
Please read my article on dyeing that is on the fabrics.net site. There is a link to it right at the top of my current column. This will give you the basics about dyeing, especially about dyeing dresses. Keep in mind you will be adding color, so you will need to work with what you have there.
After reading the article, if you think the dress is a candidate for dyeing, write back and I will tell you a few more instructions.
good luck and happy wedding celebration!

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