Dyeing Periwinkle and Polyester

I’m so glad I found your website, this is a very hard question to find an answer to! I have a bridesmaid dress that I will wear in July. It is two pieces (top and bottom) and is periwinkle. Both pieces have an acetate shell and polyester lining. Can this material be dyed again to a darker color? I was thinking black but I see that you say this is the hardest color to come by and get right. Also, the top does have some embroidery and beading on the edges and top. Thanks for your help!

Dear Nicole,
Sorry, you can’t dye this. I actually find that I get this question quite frequently this time of year. Unfortunately neither acetate nor polyester can be dyed by mere mortals. Take the thing to a consignment shop after the wedding and buy yourself a new dress while you are there.

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