Dyeing Pink Towels

towelI have a few questions…My grandmother gave me some pink towels that she no longer wanted but are in great shape. Is it possible to dye them a deep red/maroon color. I also have some dark grey towels that I would like to dye this same color. Is this possible and do you have any suggestions for how to do this? I’m not really concerned about having them all match the same hue but to be in the same color category. I have a duvet cover from Ikea that is a dark olive green, is it possible to dye it a dark brown and not have hints of green in the fabric? Also, would I be able to dye pink sheets the same color of brown? I have never dyed before so the whole idea is scary to me and I don’t want to destroy my things. Thank you so much for your information and advice!

Dear Sarah,
Get a copy of the catalog from www.dharmatrading.com and study it carefully. You can dye all the towels (as long as they are all cotton) a shade of dark red using the reactive dyes in chocolate brown (which is really red), fire red Chinese red, maroon brown, and/or some combination thereof. Remember you are adding color to an existing color, so the dye lots will differ slightly. I have dyed loads and loads of towels with great results!!
You might be able to get the pink sheets to dark brown, but they will have a pink tint to the brown. I don’t know about olive to brown. Do that one last, after you have some experience dyeing. Also, on the slipcover- it needs to fit in your washer with room to spare for even results.
Have fun! You are going to get hooked!!

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