Dyeing Poly/Cotton With Tea

Hi, I have 2 flower girl dresses that say they are poly/cotton on the label. I want to change the color from white to an ivory or vanilla or anything that will go with my ivory wedding dress better. Is there any way I can do this, someone suggested using tea?? I’m not sure about this… I love the style of the dresses and would rather do something than buy another two…. thanks, Julie

Hi Julie,
First, read my article on Fabric Dyeing 101. Here is the link: http://info.fabrics.net/fabric-dyeing-101/. IF you want to risk washing/agitating the dresses in warm-to-hot water, you can try dyeing them with the reactive dyes available at www.dharmatrading.com. Buy a small jar of ivory or ecru. Both of these are quite light. Test first with a piece of similar poly-cotton that you get at a fabric store. Start with a very small amount of dye, like 1/4 tsp. Add more as needed. Your dress results may or may not come out exactly like your test, but at least you will have some practice. You will also need soda ash, Synthrapol, and ordinary table salt. You can get the first two at Dharma.
Keep in mind, dyeing is always an experiment! You must be willing to risk the dresses if you want to try this. Even I don’t know how things will come out, every dye load (after hundreds) is a new story.

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