Dyeing Rubber Back Curtains

I have just bought myself a new home. I would like to dye the rubber backed curtains which are already in place to match my decor. One set of curtains are a beige color, while the other set are a very pale pink color. I am hoping to dye them a dark blue color.
As my budget is very limited, I was hoping there might be a way I can do this myself.
I hope you can offer some assistance

Dear Julie,
The answer is, “probably not.” But you can investigate the possibilities further. The main consideration is the fiber content of the curtains themselves. Rayon, linen, cotton, and silk will take a dye, but synthetic will not. Also, depending on the age and condition of the fabric, the dye may take unevenly. Dyeing is a water-based process, and therefore the finish may be affected, and you may also have shrinkage and distortion to deal with. Another thing: remember, you will be mixing colors, so consider what will happen when you put dark blue on top of beige and pink. If you want to consider undertaking the process yourself, get a catalog from www.dharmatrading.com, and carefully read their instructions on the reactive dyes.
good luck,

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