Dyeing Sections

Dear Jennifer,
I came across your site online after a mishap with my light colored clothes and a stray black garment!! Most of my whites were old but there was one lovely t-shirt that was a light rose pink and is now a bit purplish looking! Is there anything I can do to lessen or fade the effects of the black dye that has been transferred and get closer to the original color?
I was also considering bleaching the whole garment altogether and then re-dyeing it but it has some writing on the front, will this be lost too if I discolor the whole thing? I’m not sure how the writing has been printed, but it is not painted on, rather it is part of the t-shirt itself if that makes sense.
Please help if you can!
Thanks in advance.

Dear Jayshree,
Go to Hancock Fabrics or Hobby Lobby and look in the fabric dye section. There are some products there that remove laundry color mishaps. I don’t have direct experience with these products, so I can’t directly recommend them. If you determine that you have nothing to lose, then you could try. Read all instructions carefully.

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