Dyeing Sheer Curtains Depends on the Fiber Content

I have a pair of beige sheer curtains I am interested in dyeing to a terra cotta color and was wondering if that material would even hold a dye, can you please provide some suggestions on how to achieve this color? Thank you!!

Dear Tami,
It all depends on the fiber content of the sheers. Most sheers are polyester or nylon.
1. If they are polyester, you cannot dye them.
2. If they are nylon, you could dye them using the acid dyes for that purpose at dharmatrading.com.
3. If they are cotton or another natural fiber, you can dye them with the reactive dyes at dharma.
I would suggest not departing too far from the original color because the thread will not take the dye and will make a strong contrast with a darker color.
Go to www.dharmatrading.com, look over their instruction sheets, and send for a copy of their catalog. They sell everything that you need except the table salt.
good luck,

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  1. luker says:

    can i dye white sheer into light gray color?