Dyeing Stark White Jacket and Purses

white jacket

Hi, thanks for all your help on this topic that is on the web. A couple questions I couldn’t find answers to. One: I have a stark white linen jacket and wanted to change the color to either a brown, or more of a beige. Can you tell me whether dyeing is worth a shot? Also, do people dye purses that have seen better days, particularly on the edges?

Hi Roxanne,
First, read my article on fabric dyeing.
This will assist you with the jacket question. Your main consideration here is the lining, visible stitching, and general construction of the jacket. Has it ever been washed? Linen changes in texture and finish, and shrinks somewhat when washed. If you want to risk a warm-water-and-agitation process, you could dye it yourself with the reactive dyes available at www.dharmatrading.com. You will need soda ash, Synthrapol (both of these available at Dharma) and ordinary table salt.
As for your purse – I don’t know, it depends on the makeup of the bag. If it is leather, it could be retouched with leather dye. Consult with a full service shoe repair shop for info and suggestions.

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