Dyeing Straps On Paintball Mask

Hi, my names Chris and I am about as far from the typical person that you probably address questions from. I’m an avid paintball player from Illinois and my question involves dyeing the straps that hold our paintball masks on our face. Although paintball is a great game, half the fun of it is looking cool and having custom equipment and gear. I have included three pictures of goggle straps and hopefully you can tell me how these people did it. Picture one shows an entire mask and the strap on it is the only important part that I am concerned with. The strap is called a “techno” strap and is black, blue and white. A few people on the paintball forums I use have come up with a way to custom dye this strap, different colors, but they wont share their secrets. The two other pictures I have included are the same exact strap but they have managed to dye specific areas, specific colors. As you can see one of them is pink and green and the other is pink and yellow. I’ve tried dying plastics and fabrics before but I’ve lost how they have done this. If you could provide any information as to how it can be done, dye to use, and any other instructions or information, I would be so appreciative. Again, I appreciate your time and any information you can give would be so helpful. Sincerely, Chris

Hi Chris,
You have an interesting creative project here. Get a copy of the catalog from www.dharmatrading.com and study it carefully. They carry all kinds of fabric paints, which is what you will need (rather than dyes). You may need to experiment with different products to get the effect that you want. Your straps may end up to be more stylin’ than what your friends have!!
have fun,

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