Dyeing T-Shirts With Red Clay

t shirtHi Dizzy – I belong to a group of women potters. We want to dye white cotton T-Shirts with our own red clay ‘slurry/mud'(with wax resist designs on front). Some of us already own ‘red clay dyed’ T-shirts purchased from a pottery supplier, but we want to make our own personal/original designs. Can you pls. tell me how we ‘fix’ the stained cloth after it’s done soaking in the hot slurry? Somewhere I read that adding a vinegar/salt solution to the slurry would help to fix the color, but I have no idea what the quantities should be. Thanks for your help! Nancy

Dear Nancy,
what a good idea! Unfortunately I can’t help you too much here. My expertise is really in the use of conventional dyes and I am not an expert on chemical dye reactions. I suggest that you call the good folks at Dharma Trading Co (www.dharmatrading.com). They will consult by phone on technical matters and are really wonderful. If they don’t know or can’t help, you are going to have to experiment. Get some ready-to-dye t-shirts from Dharma and have fun!!

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